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Note: the initiative this website was created to support is no longer active. The website currently exists as a historical resource about the initiative. The organization, We The People Maine, continues to exist as a Maine public benefit corporation.


Work Session for Legislation

Augusta Rally on May 27 YouTube: WTP Maine Rally

Tuesday, June 2, 2015, 1:30 PM, Cross Building, Room 214

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The Committee On State and Local Government

YouTube video of May 27 We The People Maine Rally



Why Amend the Constitution?

In 2010 the Supreme Court ruled by a narrow 5 to 4 majority on a case called Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). As a result of that decision and a series of previous decisions, it is now the law of the land that corporations have the same rights as people and that the huge sums of money they pour into election campaigns are a legal expression of freedom of speech. And now, in April, in McCutcheon v. FEC, the Supreme Court eliminated the limit on how much wealthy individuals can give to federal candidates by the same narrow 5 to 4 majority.

David Dodson & Friends David Dodson & Friends sing
“Amend the Constitution”

(from left: the Gawler Sisters, Rachel Nicholas, David Dodson, Dean Stevens, John Nicholas, Gordon Bok, and Nick Apollonia

Our constitution is a living document. The founders carefully crafted it so that if the Supreme Court's interpretation of the language ever strayed too far from the original intent of that document, it could be changed. Article V guarantees the right of state legislatures to amend the Constitution. Our state constitution permits the people to instruct the state legislature through the initiative process.

If there ever was a time in our nation's history that called for this process to be activated, that time is NOW!

proposed amendment was drafted by a team of Maine lawyers and reviewed by constitutional scholars. The legal language is necessary to safeguard the content. The heart of the amendment is very simple. CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE and MONEY IS NOT SPEECH.

This is how
 can change the law of the land.

We begin in Maine . . .

Our petition needs to be signed by over 52,777 registered Maine voters. The number of signatures required is 10% of the number of voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election. When the signed petition is submitted to the Maine legislature it becomes the Citizen Initiative, and the legislature must do one of two things.   read more

Then on to Washington . . .

When 2/3 of the states have called for an amendment to the Constitution the US Congress must do one of two things.   read more




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