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What the Maine Legislature must do
if enough voters sign the petition

  1. Act on it and notify the United States Congress that the State of Maine is calling for an amendment to the Constitution based on the language of the Citizen Initiative.
  2. Not act on it, which would trigger a Referendum and a question would be placed the ballot for Maine voters to consider. If the referendum is successful, congress is then notified that Maine is requesting an amendment to the Constitution.    see the chart      read the details


What Congress must do if 2/3 of the states
call for an Article V Constitutional Convention

  1. Draft an amendment based on the letter and the spirit of the initiatives submitted by the states.
  2. Convene a Constitutional convention of delegates from each state to draft the proposed amendment. When the final draft is ratified by 3/4 of the states, it becomes an amendment to the United States constitution.   read the details




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