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Petition You sign this petition to help pass the test for a Citizen Initiative
Citizen Initiative If the required number of Maine voters sign the petition, we have a successful Citizen Initiative
Referendum If the Maine Legislature does not act on a successful Citizen Initiative, it becomes a matter for Maine voters to decide – the Citizen Initiative becomes a Referendum, a question on the ballot for Maine voters to decide.
An Official State of Maine Request for a U.S. Constitutional Amendment If the Maine Legislature does honor the Citizen Initiative or, alternatively, if Maine Voters pass the Referendum, we will have what we have all worked so hard to accomplish, a request from the State of Maine for an Article V U.S. Constitutional Amendment based on the ideas and specific language of the Citizen Initiative.    read the complete Citizen Initiative



How to Pass a Maine Citizen Initiative



How To Amend the United States Constitution



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Return government to the people.



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