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May 14, 2015
Important message regarding legislation

HP 956, the resolution using the same language as the petition (a call for an Article V Constitutional convention to write a US Constitutional amendment to revoke corporate personhood and regulate campaign spending) has now been referred to the Committee on State and Local Government. Some of us have made contact with the committee chairs asking for a public hearing. Because things are happening quickly here, we are not asking for more contacts with the committee chairs but are asking that people prepare their testimony for a possible hearing. We will send out a message when a hearing has been scheduled, and will include requirements for submitting testimony.

Thank you, those of you who took action on the last alert!

The WTP Maine resolution now has a document number: HP 956. This resolution which uses the same language as the We The People Maine petition has been introduced in the Maine House and today, Thursday May 14, was referred to The Committee On State and Local Government.

Please plan to attend the public hearing for HP 956 and tell the committee what you think about corporations as people and money as speech.

HP 956
(To see the full text of the resolution, click on “Bill Text and Other Docs” link in the menu on the left side of the web page. To see the history of actions on this Joint Resolution click on the “Actions” link)


Go to the Maine Legislature's page for The Committee On State and Local Government to contact members of the committee and to see work schedules and the schedule of hearings.


Voters should also contact their Representatives and Senators and say that they want HP 956 to be voted on and passed in the Maine House and Senate.

You can find your Representative's name and contact information here: and your Senator's name and contact information here:

Thank you.



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