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Top Reasons Why Signatures Are Invalidated

  • Signatory (the person signing) was not a registered voter in the town specified.
  • Circulator's oath was not administered or was not done properly.
  • Signature was a duplicate – voters can sign as many times as they want, but only one signature counts.
  • Signature that has been crossed out. (There is no legal method for withdrawing a signature, but these are not counted because Elections Division staff doesn't know why the signature was crossed out.)
  • Signature was dated after the date of the circulator's oath.
  • Signature was not on the approved form.
  • Signature was submitted after the deadline for town verification.
  • Voter signature was made by another.
  • Voter did not sign the form.
  • The notary who affirmed the oath of the circulator was related to the circulator.
  • Signatures invalidated because of material alterations to the petition (changed dates, detaching copy of the law, etc.)
  • Petition invalidated because it could not be verified that the circulator was a registered Maine voter.
  • Petition invalidated because certification of the registrar was not completed.


Please call us if you have any questions about collecting signatures for the WTP Maine Citizen Initiative petition. Thank you.


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      volunteer page       tips for collecting       donate       contacts


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