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Tips for Collecting Signatures

First, read the State's “INSTRUCTIONS TO PETITION CIRCULATOR, Revised by the Office of the Secretary of State, July 2013”, in your packet or online (see INSTRUCTIONS link above).

And do get your “Certificate of Registration” form filled out and certified at the Town Office or City Hall in the town or city you are registered in. Carry your Certificate of Registration with you in case of a challenge.


Keep to one town per petition (you have to take the petition to the town clerk of the town named to have the signatures certified, an impossible task for a multiple town petition). Never let any petitions you have started out of your sight. Donít leave them with someone else. You must witness each signature, being careful that you get

  • a signature first, in the first column
  • the date signed, in column 2
  • an actual a street address (not a PO Box), in column 3
  • the town the person is registered in (no dittos allowed), in column 4
  • and a legible printed name, in the last column

See Top Reasons Why Signatures Are Invalidated


Please call us if you have any questions about collecting signatures for the WTP Maine Citizen Initiative petition. Thank you.


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      volunteer page       top reasons signatures are invalid
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Return government to the people.



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