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Tuesday April 21, 2014  New York Times (cont.)

Excerpts from interview with Justice Stevens cont. One of Stevensís proposed amendments would undo the result in the famous Citizens United case, which was the occasion for his final major dissenting opinion, in 2010. That decision held that corporations have First Amendment rights much like people and that campaign contributions are a form of speech. (In Stevens›s amendment, Congress and the states may impose “reasonable limits on the amount of money that candidates” or their supporters can spend in election campaigns.) “Money is not speech,” Stevens said. “All these decisions have done is make sure that Congress does not represent people, which is what it’s supposed to do. Rather, Congress represents people who have the money to finance campaigns.” WTPMaine’s comment: Slam Dunk, Justice Stevens!
(Look for the recently published book, “SIX AMENDMENTS   HOW AND WHY WE SHOULD CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION” by Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (Ret.) John Paul Stevens.)    return

March 9, 2014 in Portland Maine

Please watch because Lawrence Lessig squarely and intelligently says that there is no danger in our approach, only hope and the possibility of forcing Congress to act. As part of the effort, you are telling Congress, “You are not doing your job. So now the states must do it for you.”    return


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