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More Info. for Volunteers

  Citizen Initiative in a nutshell
    Reasons for the WTP Maine Citizen Initiative ‑ one page handout

How corporations legally became people
    A short history of court decisions promoting the idea that “corporations are people” ‑ two page handout

Reading Lists

If you are already a volunteer, contact us if you need petitions. Also, you can download additional copies of the Certificate of Circulator or the Instructions to Circulators from here as needed . . . as well as other information handouts about the need for the WTP Maine Citizen Initiative saying “corporations are not people” and “money is not speech.”


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Volunteer Contacts

Collecting signatures & reaching out to other groups


      tel.         (207) 236‑8732


      tel.         (207) 284‑3358


      tel.         (207) 326‑8635




      cell         (207) 691‑0322

Website, social media, and website research


      tel.         (207) 354‑0931

      cell         (207) 701‑9001

Democracy works if you work for Democracy!

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