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How Do The People Amend the United States Constitution

How can we overturn the Citizenís United decision and return our country and the political process to the people?

There are only two ways to change Supreme Court decisions:

  1. The Supreme Court can issue a new decision reversing the old decision.
    But . . . Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life, and they rarely change prior decisions.
  2. The People can change a Supreme Court decision by a Constitutional Amendment.

The Founders ensured that the PEOPLE could amend the Constitution because this country and its Constitution belong to the PEOPLE and

Only the Constitution is more powerful than the Supreme Court.


U.S. Constitution, Article V
U.S. Constitution Article V



Our country's founders knew that the United States would face times of crisis, when government would be unresponsive to the needs of the People, so the founders provided Article V, a process that allows the People to write amendments for this most important document.

James Madison said that the ability of to amend the constitution was the ultimate way to curb abusive or out of control federal government. It is exactly what we need to fix the many problems our country faces today.



The People, through their states, can amend the Constitution in the following way:




  1. Two‑thirds of the states, 34 state legislatures, make a formal application to Congress proposing a new amendment, all must have the same limited subject matter, but they may have different recommended wording for the amendment.
  2. A convention of delegates from every state is then assembled. This convention is limited to the specific subject matter for which the convention has been called, and the convention may not work on other issues. The delegates draft the specific wording of the proposed amendment. The delegates must only consider the specific subject matter for which the convention was assembled.
  3. Every state selects delegates to send the convention; these delegates are not the senators or representatives in Congress, but new delegates with the specific task of collaborating on the wording for the proposed new amendment. They draft the new amendment.
  4. Once the state delegates have drafted the proposed amendment, it is must be ratified by three‑fourths of the states. It then becomes a new amendment.
  5. That how we will make the We The People Maine  Citizen Initiative the 28th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Only the Constitution is more powerful than the Supreme Court.


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